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From "Albretch Mueller" <>
Subject Re: Still trying to log using org.apache.juli.FileHandler ...
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 20:05:54 GMT
 /META-INF directory you say? Isn't /META-INF a special descriptor
folder in WAR files?
 This is what I read from the latest final release of the Servlet Specification
// __ SRV.9.6 Web Application Archive File, page: 71
 SRV.9.6 Web Application Archive File
 Web applications can be packaged and signed into a Web ARchive format
(WAR) file using the standard Java archive tools. For example, an
application for issue tracking might be distributed in an archive file
called issuetrack.war.
 When packaged into such a form, a META-INF directory will be present
which contains information useful to Java archive tools. This
directory must not be directly served as content by the container in
response to a Web client's request, though its contents are visible to
servlet code via the getResource and getResourceAsStream calls on the
ServletContext. Also, any requests to access the resources in META-INF
directory must be returned with a SC_NOT_FOUND(404) response.
// __ SRV.9.7.1 Dependencies On Extensions, page: 72
 The application developer depending on such an extension or
extensions must provide a META-INF/MANIFEST.MF entry in the WAR file
listing all extensions needed by theWAR.
// __ SRV.S.19 PFD: Changes in this document since the Public Draft, page: 284
 Clarification of the status code when /META-INF/ resource is accessed
(9.6) Change xsd:string to j2ee:string in deployment descriptor (13.4)

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