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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 4.1.31 crashing with memory errors, crashing with no errors and shutting down cleanly without manual intervention
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 16:12:52 GMT
> From: Sean Carnes []
> Thanks for the quick response.  Your evaluation is similar to
> what I have
> been saying to my counterparts in regards to load balancing.
>  The back-end
> servers seem to be responding in a timely fashion right now.  We have
> performance data from the time period and nothing seems
> abnormal.

I can well believe it.  What I'm pointing out is that *if* you could squeeze shorter response
times out of these back-end servers, you might be able to ride out the increased load on the
Tomcat servers.  If your system's already as well-tuned as I suspect, however, there's probably
nothing more to be gained there.

> I think
> this can be attributed mostly to the increased load, on that
> that day due to shift switchover we have about 50% more users.

Crikey.  50% more users is not a small amount!

Do you have any monitoring deployed that allows you to monitor free Java heap space and/or
garbage collections?  That would tell you how much headroom you had, and might be able to
warn you of impending failure.  I'd be cautious of adding too much monitoring, though, as
it'll reduce your throughput and might tip a system over the edge sooner than it'd otherwise

> Wednesday was the most that
> we have ever had.  Thanks for the suggestions, you certainly helped me
> backup my theory to the powers that be.

All (mailing-list) advice free, and worth every penny!  There are folks on this list who have
much more experience with large systems than I have, and I'm rather hoping they'll chip in
with their views.

                - Peter

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