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From Giancarlo Frison <>
Subject Re: HttpSessionActivationListener not getting called in the Tomcat 5.5.20 clustered mode.
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 16:29:33 GMT
I had faced the same problem, in order to 'activate' a deserialized
object coming from an other VM the session object has to implement the
HttpSessionBindingListener interface, not the
*HttpSessionActivationListener* .
The valueBound method is invoked by setAttibute's HttpSession method,
inside there you would initialize and populate the transient fields.

> Hello
> I am using a *tomcat* *clustered* environment using two *tomcat*
> *5*.*5*.*20*
> servers *in* *the* Windows machine. I am using *the* *in*-memory
> replication for
> replicating *the* session. *In* my code, I have a session attribute that
> implements *HttpSessionActivationListener* *interface*. I expect this
> Listener to be *called* when *the* session gets replicated on *the* other
> server. I see that *the* session gets replicated but *the* Listener is
> *not*
> *getting* *called* at all. I require this listener to be *called* so
> that I
> can *initialize* some of *the* transient session attributes when *the*
> session
> is created on one *tomcat* *instance* but *the* next request goes on
> *the* other
> server.
> Can you please let me know why *the* *HttpSessionActivationListener*
> is *not*
> *getting* *called*? Is *there* something which I am *not* doing
> correctly?

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