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From Dan Ciarniello <>
Subject Re: apxs problem
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 00:33:33 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Dan,
> Dan Ciarniello wrote:
>> I am putting together RPMs for apache and tomcat and I want to
>> include the mod_jk connector with the apache RPM
> :(
> Don't do that; instead, have a separate RPM that just contains mod_jk
> and maybe a script to install it on top of an existing Apache httpd RPM
> install.
> Forgive my skepticism, but are you building RPMs for a particular distro
> or will there be yet another set of packaged versions of Tomcat-related
> software out there that does not work properly.
No, I'm not building for a particular distribution.  I'm building for a 
specific configuration based on the way that we run things on my 
company's servers.  I have considered a separate RPM for the connector 
but it seemed a bit silly for a single file especially when all our 
servers run both Apache and Tomcat and the connector will be required on 
all of them.
>> but I get an error that apxs cannot be found even though I give the
>> full path to apxs.
> Stupid question: is that full path correct?
Absolutely. bash command line completion is a wonderful thing :-)
>> Note that since I'm building for purposes of packaging, I'm not 
>> installing apache in its intended location but in a temporary
>> location. This is obviously the problem since if I do actually
>> install apache, the connector configure script works fine.  Thing is,
>> I don't want to have install apache just to build the connector.  Is
>> there any way to do this?
> Ideally, the connector should be built on the machine that will be
> running it. Is it acceptable to create an RPM that actually builds the
> module instead of installing a previously-built binary? It takes only a
> few seconds to build mod_jk from source. Since mod_jk requires Apache
> httpd to be installed, installing such an RPM would require that apxs be
> available in a known location, right?
I hadn't considered that.  You're right that mod_jk doesn't take long to 
build so building as part of the installation should not be a problem.


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