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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Hundreds of Instances
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 16:21:42 GMT
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Breno Jacinto wrote:

It looks like your JSPs are doing a /lot/ of work:

jsp [ *.jsp , *.jspx ]
Processing time: 28.512 s Max time: 14843 ms Request count: 8 Error
count: 0 Load time: 1 ms Classloading time: 1 ms

8 requests tool a total of 28 seconds to process? And one of those
requests took 14 seconds? That's pretty slow. Do you know which request
that was?

In the [jk-8009] section of the "before restart", it looks like you've
got a lot going on:

Max processing time: 725764 ms

If it's really taking more than 10 minutes to process a request, then
something is definitely wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if you have
long-running processes that continue after the client has disconnected.
These processes tie up threads needlessly.

I would write a simple filter that logs the request URI + query string
to a log file, then times the request processing itself and writes that
out, too. Basically, you'll get a log file that says:

/foo/bar.jsp?id=1324 27ms
/foo/bar/jsp?id=1235 31ms
/foo/baz.jsp 897234ms

then you can see which requests take forever and maybe find out why. The
first step in debugging is reproducibility ;)

- -chris
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