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From Александър Шопов <>
Subject Re: Yet again a problem with POSTs and encodings
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 16:25:58 GMT

It seems the standard is a PITA, most people are confused and developers 
are unwilling to change. ;-)

Ohh sweeetie - my favourite situation.

However as this seems a frequent misunderstanding and request - will it 
be possible to ship such a filter as an example with Tomcat?

I mean - enough quoting the standard is enough ;-)

1. Users and developers will get what they want.
2. Tomcat will not be changed.
3. Standards (no matter how antiquated and ASCII-centric) will be kept.

This is such a trivial filter - it is shorter than most of the jsp 
examples. Will it be possible to ship it with tomcat? No need to do this 
every time?

Who is the developer with commit rights that I need to pester for this?

Kind regards:

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