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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Service and OCI
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 11:34:59 GMT
I tested the performance years (3+) ago trying to answer the same 
question. In most cases the OCI driver was faster but in some tests the 
thin driver was faster (IIRC the results from that long ago).

That being said - the performance difference in the drivers is (most 
likely) negligible compared to all the other issues that can slow a 
request down.


Rumpa Giri wrote:
> Thanks a lot, speaking of OCI, is there any evidence that OCI will perform better than
the THIN driver? 
>   We are being encouraged to use OCI on production environment since everybody says so,
but our development team isn't convinced of the same. We are using oracle 10g and based on
their documentation there isn't much difference between OCI and THIN, the 10g THIN driver
now supports what OCI used to have advantage over.
>   Thanks again,
>   Rumpa
> Tim Funk <> wrote:
>   When run as a service - the PATH used by SYSTEM is not the same as when 
> you are logged in. (So you need to add the dll's somewhere in your path 
> as SYSTEM user - I can't recall how this is done but this is a very 
> common problem google can help you with)
> The type 4 jdbc driver from oracle has been very stable for the last 
> (lot of) years. There really isn't much reason top use the OCI driver.
> -Tim

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