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From "Spencer Tickner" <>
Subject Servlet File Structure
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:56:02 GMT
Hi List, thanks in advance for the help.

I'm fairly new to tomcat so I appologize for anything I say that may
be painfully obvious.

I've set up a security servlet that will check permissions on various
html, pdf, xml, etc, files. I've managed the security and caching and
filtering so this is not my problem.. My problem is something that
should seem to be much more simple ergo,, incredibly more agravating
for me ;) I don't know where to put all these files.

1) I started with the content files out of the Web directory all
together and kept the mapping in an xml file and then served them
using FileInputStream and writing them to the ServletOutputStream.
This doesn't work because any internal refrences (<img>, <style>,
etc.) are lost.

2) My next attempt was to put them into the Servlet folder which
worked until I had to reload the .war file.. Which promptly got rid of
all the content. I considered adding the content to the war file,, but
this isn't so good because it would be nice for the application
developers to work seperately from the editors which already have
there own proccesses for managing content.

3) My last attempt is to put the content outside the Servlet folder,,
but then I can't figure out how to map the servlet filter to fire when
someone requests a file.

I have spent a considerable time looking through Google, but still
have not found an answer.. Any help would be very appreciated.



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