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From "Karsten Silz" <>
Subject DCOM problem in Tomcat 6 on Windows
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 13:59:19 GMT

I'm having a problem with Tomcat 6.0.13, running on JDK 1.6u1, under both
Windows XP, SP2, and Windows Vista Business (up-to-date).  I have a web
application that loads a DLL (located in the "bin" directory of Tomcat) and
then calls a native method in this DLL.  This method tries to create a COM
interface that communicates via DCOM with a remote server.  The call to
"CoCreateInstanceEx" in the DLL is returning an error code of 0x800706BA,
which translates to the message "The RPC server is unavailable.", so the
DCOM setup fails.  The DLL loading itself works fine (the application also
loads a different DLL and uses it successfully).

Now the same DLL (though in a physically different copy) is used in a plain
Java program (run straight from the command line).  And in this Java
program, running on the very same machines, the DCOM communication works
just fine.  This leads me to believe it is not a firewall issue (although I
even disabled the firewall altogether to no effect).

I use Tomcat with run-of-the-mill settings, especially _not_ with Java

I googled for this DCOM problem, looked through the Tomcat docs, this
mailing list, and searched the Tomcat bug database, but didn't find a
solution.  Does anybody why DCOM doesn't work for me in Tomcat?

Karsten Silz

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