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Mikolaj Rydzewski wrote:


Christopher Schultz wrote:


Two Tomcat instances with separate ROOT webapps, plus something like
Apache httpd out front. This is basically the same as the "two virtual
hosts" suggestion.


With exception of additional memory wasted.


I prefer to think of it as increased flexibility.


If webapps do not need any very special treatment (like complex JNDI configuration, some other weird options) there's no need to have two tomcats just for that.

Anyway, memory is cheap, but it's wise to know other ways also.

I currently run two webapps from a single installation without any issues, the initial configuration was complicated but the end results are that  two webapps share the same context and react/respond based on the file extension.

JNDI is minimal in both cases (one is a template engine) but I'm not convinced that a more complicated configuration couldn't exists provided the rules are defined well enough to prevent cross-contamination.

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