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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.3.1a problem
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 03:40:39 GMT
I don't recognize the problem, but AJP12 was deprecated even for 3.3.1a 
(which, for Pid's benifit, was a single security issue bugfix release from 
3.3.1).  In any case, it will be a bottleneck for any attempt to scale your 
application.  You should try with the AJP13 connector, which works better on 
3.3.1a then either the AJP12 connector or the HTTP/1.0 connector (the 
HTTP/1.0 connector in particular is known to have issues on Windows).  If 
you can set up a test environment, the other thing to try is 3.3.2 with the 
CoyoteConnector (either AJP13 or HTTP/1.1).  Short-term it is probably less 
painful than upgrading to TC 5.5.x or TC 6.0.x.

Additional information I'd like to see is the mod_jk version (AJP12, while 
still shipping with the most recent mod_jk hasn't been supported in a very 
long time.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if it is broken on recent 
versions), and a thread dump if you can get one.  Also turning up your 
JkLogLevel to debug on mod_jk might help.

As Mark noted, 3.3.x is still somewhat officially supported (although I have 
trouble seeing what would trigger a 3.3.3 release, even if it does have some 
goodies in it :).  If you can get the thread dump and/or the debug mod_jk 
logs, it may be better if you open a BZ report and attect them there, so 
they are easier for me to find.

"Marko Krejic" <> wrote in message 

We are running Tomcat 3.3.1a on a Windows Server 2003. A apache server is 
also installed on the machine as a proxy and it is connected with the tomcat 
through AJP12. Tomcat is running on JDK1.4.2_13.

Now to our problem. We have been running this setup for quite a while (a few 
years). But until recently, the load has increased.
It seems like when there are quite many connections, then suddenly it is not 
possible to read the requestbody anymore. We get the request and we are 
seeing the request header, but when we want to read the body, it all seems 
to hang... At this time it seems like the threads are just stacking up and 
nothing is processed.

Other threads, such as timer-threads and file-listener threads, are running 
normally. It seems like only the request comming through the connectors (the 
AJP12 and HTTP) are hanging.

Does anybody recognise these problems? And does anybody have any suggestions 
about how to fix this?

We have tried to run without Apache and AJP12, but we got the same problem.

I could mention that we know that we have mobile clients sending requests to 
the server and if the server is not responding within a certain time, they 
will "cut-off" the request. Could it be that tomcat is not "releasing" these 

Please, any suggestions would be very apprieciated!

Thanks in advance!

Marko Krejic

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