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From NBW <>
Subject Re: Problem configuring JDBC DataSource Tomcat 5.5.23 / MySQL 5.0
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 23:08:26 GMT
For the record I discovered the problem. Somehow there was a
context.xml file located in %TOMCAT_HOME%\conf\Catalina\localhost for
my web apps context which contained an empty <context> node. Once I
deleted that one and redeployed the correct context.xml was put in
there.  Not sure why the one from my webapps META-INF directory wasn't
replacing that one to begin with like it did after I deleted it.

On Nov 8, 2007 2:07 PM, NBW <> wrote:
> Hi Gabe,
> I'd seen those instructions and that was one of the first things I
> tried but I'm still getting the same exception. I've tried placing
> mysql-connector-java-5.1.5-bin.jar in %TOMCAT_HOME%/common/lib. I've
> also tried with it just in my web app's lib directory and I've tried
> with it in both locations.
> Based on what I am seeing in Catalina's MBean attributes for the
> DataSource (see my original post)  I feel like this has something to
> do with the Resource configuration but since it agrees with the
> documentation I'm at a bit of a loss.
> On Nov 8, 2007 1:18 PM, Gabe Wong <> wrote:
> > Refer to the following topic in the same URL you provided above:
> > 1. Install Your JDBC Driver
> > Use of the /JDBC Data Sources/ JNDI Resource Factory requires that you
> > make an appropriate JDBC driver available to both Tomcat internal
> > classes and to your web application. This is most easily accomplished by
> > installing the driver's JAR file(s) into the |$CATALINA_HOME/common/lib|
> > directory, which makes the driver available both to the resource factory
> > and to your application.
> >

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