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From "Dmitry Beransky" <>
Subject clustering iis with JK
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2007 03:29:08 GMT

Is it possible to implement the following setup with JK/isapi_redirect?

  1. Two clustered IIS instances
  2. Two load-balanced Tomcat instances
  3. Each IIS uses JK to forward requests to two load-balanced Tomcat instances

I know how to do each individual item in isolation, but I can't
figure, once I put all three together, how to ensure that requests
belonging to the same session are consistently served to the
appropriate Tomcat instance.  Any pointers?

For IIS clustering I am considering NLB.  Since want IIS clustering
for mostly for reliability rather than scalability, an easy way out
would be to do a fail over setup, but this is plan B.


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