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From Shug Boabby <>
Subject Re: jk_mod and binding tomcat's root to an apache directory
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2007 18:15:34 GMT
I'm using pretty much the stock config for Tomcat... although I have  
added SSL support.

On 4 Nov 2007, at 17:14, Rainer Jung wrote:
> There should be a line in the jk debug log similar to:
> [debug] init_ws_service::mod_jk.c (806): Service protocol=HTTP/1.1
> method=GET host=(null) addr= name=localhost port=8001
> auth=(null) user=(null) laddr= raddr=
> uri=/unrelated/page/on/my/site
> Check the uri, that's the one we send to Tomcat. Check the Tomcat  
> logs,
> if they show an error. Try to send the same request directly to Tomcat
> via its http connector.

I see a line very similar to that one... but it is completely missing  
the 'uri' part. It looks pretty much like this

[debug] init_ws_service::mod_jk.c (607): Service protocol=HTTP/1.1  
method=GET host=(null) addr=public_ip port=8001  
auth=(null) user=(null) laddr= raddr=public_ip

where my public IP address appears in place of 'public_ip' and my  
virtual domain name (not the hostname of the server machine itself)  
appears instead of ''. How come the uri would be missing?

The rewrite rules are appearing in my debugging now... (this has been  
somewhat anonymised)

init rewrite engine with requested uri /tomcat/myapp/
applying pattern '/tomcat/(.*)' to uri '/tomcat/myapp/'
rewrite '/tomcat/myapp/' -> '/myapp/'
setting env variable 'JK_WORKER_NAME' to 'worker1'
remember /myapp/ to have Content-handler 'jakarta-servlet'
forcing '/myapp/' to get passed through to next API URI-to-filename  
force filename /home/shug/public_html/myapp to have the Content- 
handler 'jakarta-servlet'

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