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From zhongliang zhang <>
Subject RE: [tomcat]How to decrypt the DIGEST authentication?
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 02:07:03 GMT

thanks very much for all your replying.

But I can not make it works.

I store the password in HexUtils.convert(byte[]) method to store the password in my Oracle

And I configure the Tomcat JDBCRealm with the "digest" attribute.

And I do a test with MySQL database,for it is small and easy.

I store the MD5 password in the password field of users table.

for example,The user's password is "password" and the MD5 stype password is "3c3b3206267dd4d2039822b76749380"(fake

Then,I entered my application,the dialog popup,I entered the username and password,while it
does not work.

I do not know why.

can anybody help me?

with a example app is more helpful.

thanks for all your kind-hearted reply.

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