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From "Martin Gainty" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat causing high CPU load
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 02:20:33 GMT
what happens in jconsole over that period of time?
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From: "Sai Bobba" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, November 04, 2007 8:25 PM
Subject: Tomcat causing high CPU load

> Hi,
> I'm using the following:
> JDK1.5
> Tomcat 6
> SQL Server 2000
> Server running on Windows 2000
> The web app deployed consists of: an application form filled in by the
> prospective student, a servlet that gets the form parameters
> (>60), processes them, and saves the data input by the user to several
> tables in the database.  Processing of the form data involves applying
> testing the data against admission criteria.
> When the web ap was first deployed some months ago, we had the problem
> some of the input by the users was too large for the space allocated in
> corresponding column in the db table - this caused SQLExceptions to be
> thrown each time this happened. At the same time we noticed that many
> a day the CPU load on the server machine was up at 60% - 90+% - Tomcat was
> responsible for this CPU load almost exclusively - the other processes
> running on the machine were taking <3%. This meant having to restart
> several times a day. At first we thought this was related to the db
> insertion problem. We fixed the db issue so that no more exceptions are
> thrown, but we still find the CPU load up at >60% at least once a day -
> Tomcat responsible again.
> Another thing I noticed in testing the app was that if after I submitted
> application I hit the 'Back' button on the browser and then submitted
> app would hang, and the CPU load on the server machine would rise to >60%.
> tried this several times, with the same result each time. However, it was
> possible to submit an aplication from a different browser even when the
> load was high. Oddly, when I did this test on my local machine I didn't
> this problem.
> I hope I've laid out the situation clearly. My searches on the web for
> sort of problem have yielded no solution.
> If anybody has had this problem and fixed it, or has an insight into what
> the problem might be, I'd greatly appreciate hearing about it!
> Many thanks!
> bob

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