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From Shug Boabby <>
Subject jk_mod and binding tomcat's root to an apache directory
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2007 04:32:18 GMT
Hello everyone,

There does not appear to be a separate list for mod_jk discussions...  
so I assume this is the most relevant place to ask questions. Please  
let me know if there is somewhere more specific for me to bring this.

I have mod_jk up and running with Apache 2 and Tomcat 5.5. However, it  
seems that every single servlet must be mapped by hand in the apache  
config files! This seems like a lot of work to me. What I'd really  
like to do would be to map my server's "/tomcat" path to redirect any  
requests to Tomcat's root. e.g. a request coming in to my server at / 
tomcat/servlet-examples would be re-routed to Tomcat's /servlet-examples

Such a setup would mean zero admin in the Apache-Tomcat bridge when  
new servlets are added. As they are added to Tomcat, they immediately  
become accessible in Apache's /tomcat/ directory. Is it possible to  
set it up this way? It seems a very sensible way to do things.


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