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From Shug Boabby <>
Subject Re: jk_mod and binding tomcat's root to an apache directory
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2007 16:35:16 GMT
Thanks Rainer... I've added the JK debugging and this has helped  
identify a problem... the response that Apache gets (and doesn't  
forward to the client) is that "No host matches server name".

I'm not seeing any output at all in the RewriteLog (btw, it's  
RewriteLog not RewriteLogFile). I'm using Apache 2.2.5.

Apache httpd is running several virtual domains, so this is a  
reasonable response. However, JkMount worked fine despite this so it's  
a little puzzling. I don't have a clue how to fix it! Any ideas?

Should I be concerned that the the JK log is completely full up of  
lines like this

"Attempting to map URI '/unrelated/page/on/my/site' from 2 maps"

every time I get an access request on my server... even though the  
pages have nothing to do with the JkMount points?

On 4 Nov 2007, at 15:41, Rainer Jung wrote:
> Now we go into debugging mod_rewrite and mod_jk.
> RewriteLogFile logs/rewrite.log
> RewriteLogLevel 9
> will give you information, what mod_rewrite does with your URL.
> JkLogFile logs/mod_jk.log
> JkLogLevel debug
> will give us a lot of information, which URL gets passed to mod_jk,  
> and
> what it does with it.

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