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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Question about multiple SSL at same machine
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 23:56:38 GMT
> From: Alex Florentino []
> I have windows colocation and have one site that have ssl and
> it works fine,
> now I have another site and need set up another ssl, I think
> that change ssl
> port for second site is good solutions but my client don't
> like this idea,
> then I need set up another ip.. but I not sure how I make it...

Ask your hosting provider to assign you another IP address.  If you're behind a NATted router,
they'll tell you what the new internal address is; if not, they'll tell you the new external
address.  Add that as a second IP on your Windows box, then bind port 443 on the new site
to it.  Also, you or your hosting/DNS provider will need to set up a DNS entry for the new

Most providers will charge you for extra IP addresses, and some more for the setup.

                - Peter

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