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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: speed up the server
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2007 09:21:09 GMT
> From: tbt []
> it was working very fast before being deployed. About 30 people login
> simultaneously to this application. Once this happens the
> application is very slow.

How many concurrent users do you test with, before you deploy?  30?  Or one developer checking
the functionality using a web browser?

What happens if you use a tool like JMeter to generate a load on your test server that's similar
to the load on your real server?  Is the test server fast or slow?  If the test server's fast,
the issue is probably to do with the configuration of the production server.  If the test
server's slow... my guess is that the issue is to do with your application :-).

Have you tried:

- Profiling your application to see whether any parts are particularly slow;

- Checking the load on the mysql database to see whether you're saturating the database with
queries, or whether concurrency issues are limiting the throughput on the database;

- Running the Performance Monitor from Administrative Tools and seeing whether you're short
of CPU (sustained CPU load over 80%), RAM (Pages/sec consistently high or Memory/Available
Bytes consistently below 10% of system RAM) or disk I/O (physical disk queue length often
greater than 2 per spindle in your disk subsystem)?  This will give you a much better clue
as to where to start looking for the problem.

                - Peter

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