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From Joe Siebenmann <>
Subject Tomcat Security/Service question..
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 19:34:05 GMT
Hi All,

Basically, I have a Tomcat Service that has a "Service User"
with a User name and Password, and it's in the Administrator's

Using WMI, one of the Servlets can connect to a remote machine
and do WMI quires.

Here is the problem..  When I start the Service, that uses tomcat5.exe,
it can connect okay, but the WMI query fails, but when I CD into
Webserver\bin and do a "catalina run" then everything works great,
it connects and any query works perfectly!

I realize that there are a ton of Windows Security issues involved
with connecting to a remote machine, and doing any query using WMI, and
I'm already investigating that, but when the exact same code, running
on the Service has problems, but using "catalina run" magically
works, tells me that something else is going on..

I'm running around in circles looking at Access Tokens, Security
Descriptors, etc. and not getting anywhere.

Why does everything "work" when I use "catalina run"?
It has to be more than "it's using my user credentials when I
do 'catalina run'"..  The Service User is in the Administrator's

If anyone has any insight on why this is happening, and if there
is some way to make everything work using the tomcat5.exe Service,
I'd really appreciate hearing from you.


Joe Siebenmann  

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