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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: jk issue
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 13:56:11 GMT
Hi Rocco,

we can't identify your problem without knowing your configuration, your
test cases and the precise error observation.

Please give us

- your Tomcat connector configuration for the connector you talk to via
- your
- your httpd JK-directives
- your Tomcat-version and mod_jk-version
- the URL you are sending, what answer you would expect, and what answer
you get.

You can furthermore improve the chance of finding your problem by
running a simple test case when having "JkLogLevel debug" and posting
the jk log file in addition.



Rocco Scappatura schrieb:
> Hello,
> after a long time I was persuaded to install to run Apache Tomcat 5.5 as
> application server an use Apache 2.0.54 as Web server.
> I configured Apache to load the appropriate jk connector and have
> defined a workers.
> I run Tomcat 5.5, using 8080 port for amministrative issues. But I have
> anothe customized service with a connector binded on port 81 and several
> host.
> Obviosly, I have moved the connector for port 8009 into the customized
> service.
> In particular, in tomcat on my customized server I have installed
> roller.
> When I try to access to the URL wich is 'redirected' on tomcat, I access
> to the home  page of roller, but I can't move from there! Neverthless
> the css is lopaded in the css. (Basically, the Tomcat application from
> Apache2 doesn't work).
> Please note the accessing directly to port 81, application works
> properly.
> rocsca

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