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From Gabe Wong <>
Subject Re: Tomcat vs (other container) compatibility
Date Sat, 17 Nov 2007 23:06:12 GMT
That is more an Application design issue. In short, there are 
incompatibilities across the various containers.
So if you are developing a cross-container application, the simpler it 
is the more chances of less re-configuration on different containers.
However that may be contradictory as more requirements usually results 
in more complexities.
Simple difference, is JNDI. The following are differences in calling a 
jdbc object called defaultDS:

Tomcat/Jetty: java:comp/env/jdbc/defaultDS
Orion(Oracle-OC4J)/Tomcat: jdbc/defaultDS
JBoss: java:/defaultDS
Weblogic: defaultDS

And this is just one of the many differences. More off the top of my 
head, EJBs, Virtual Hosting configuration, etc.
Some containers also require container specific XML descriptor in the 
application e.g. jboss.xml, etc.

David Smith wrote:
> Michael wrote:
>> Johnny Kewl wrote:
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>>> Now Tomcat is also a cool pojo application server
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>>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jacob Rhoden" <>
>>> To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
>>> Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2007 1:40 PM
>>> Subject: Tomcat vs (other container) compatibility
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Just wondering if there is anyone who has been or is involved in 
>>>> cross JEE container work, how compatible are tomcat apps with other 
>>>> commercial apps such as OC4J, Websphere, BEA and so on? If you 
>>>> don't use tomcat specific things, does it "just work", I ask 
>>>> because the compatibility issue might come up at work.
>>> Heres an article from IBM site

>>> I have put quite a few TC servlets onto Glassfish... no problem.
>> no wonder, Glassfish uses TC as servlet container!
> Actually I think Glassfish uses a fork of the tomcat code from some 
> point in the past.  As long as the servlet spec is followed, I would 
> think the servlets would work in either place.
> --David
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Gabe Wong
NGASI AppServer Manager
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