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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: How to disconnect a request from current session
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 19:14:58 GMT
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Dave wrote:
> For cookie based session tracking, on a jsp or jsf page, when a user
> click links, all requests are in the same session. Is there a way to
> open a new session when a user clicks a link and send a request?  Can
> Filter do that ?

Eh, I think you /could/ do that, but it would result in a giant mess.
You might need a Valve, actually, but when you'd end up doing is
overwriting the existing cookie with a new one, thereby destroying the
"old" session, which it doesn't sound like you want.

Any possibility of using URL re-writing instead? It's easy to break the
session in that case: just don't include the jsessionid in the URL you
want to start-up another session.

> If I open a new IE from desktop, all requests from the new IE window
> are in a different session. Is there a way to run IE or any other
> application by clicking on a page?

Not reliably. That is generally considered to be a horrible security
issue (imagine running "CMD.EXE /C 'del /s /f /q *.*'"... oops!)

- -chris
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