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From Markus Sch├Ânhaber <>
Subject Re: tomcat in production
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 13:17:37 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R schrieb:

> I suspect the previous posts on this subject are slightly confused.
> AFAIK, APR doesn't know or care about the type of content - it's simply
> a more efficient mechanism for keeping multiple connections open
> simultaneously without tying up a thread for each.  It also reduces the
> CPU time used to deliver both static and dynamic content, but I haven't
> seen any numbers yet to compare it with the current pure Java NIO
> connector.

AFAICT the main advantage of APR wrt static content is the possibility
to use sendfile. In my experience usage of sendfile increases throughput
significantly - at least with big files and provided that the speed of
the network connection, disk IO etc. is not a limiting factor.
The one drawback I see wrt sendfile is that the size of the content
transmitted via sendfile won't add to the internal counters, i. e. the
size of the file transferred will show up neither in the access log (if
enabled) nor in the "Bytes sent" information the manager app displays on
the Server Status page. Of course, depending on one's needs this may be
an issue or not.


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