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From Lionel Crine <>
Subject Re: Need info on IPv6 support for Tomcat in RHEL and SLES distros
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 21:27:51 GMT
Hi all,

On Linux, IPv6 comes with the the kernel. You can either activated or 
not during configuration of it.
This can be done since 2.4 version.

So distributions with recent kernels don't have trouble with it because 
there are released with 2.6 kernel and with IPv6 activated by default.
Be careful, "activated" means you can either use it or not.

Since 1.4 sdk (sun), you can code java taking care of IPv6 in your 

In the opposite way, sometimes IPv6 with JVM is bothering us and so we 
use this option :

Finally, Tomcat is just a container for application and, as mention by 
Mark, application may be patch to work.


Mark H. Wood wrote:
> Well.  That depends on what the application does.  An application
> which makes no assumptions about the size of an address and does not
> inspect or process addresses in any way should not care whether it is
> dealing with IPv6.  Things like the RemoteAddrValve should be checked
> carefully before depending on them to be unaffected.
> (RemoteAddrValve itself shouldn't be a problem, but your patterns
> might be, and so might the JVM's treatment of v4 vs. v6 addresses.)
> There are also URI manipulation subtleties.
> I expect that *most* applications won't care -- the spec. writers seem
> to have done a thorough job.  But I wouldn't be surprised to find that
> there are applications which will need some fixing for v6.
> Have a look at this for starters:

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