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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Virtual Hosts or Multiple Instances
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 19:01:24 GMT
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D W wrote:
> Does anybody have an opinion as to which approach is better?
> Resource-wise?

Certainly, fewer memory and CPU resources are required to run a single
JVM with virtual hosting.

> Management-wise?

That depends on how to see management. I tend to see lots of options as
attractive for management. When using a single JVM, you only have one
option: stick both apps into the same Tomcat instance on the same
machine. If you have them separate, you have options like deploying them
on physically different machines, using different JVM versions, using
different JDBC driver versions, etc.

On the other hand, multiple Tomcat instances usually complicates the
"real world" because everyone expects that HTTP runs over port 80 and
HTTPS runs over port 443. If you want to run more than one Tomcat
instance and maintain that illusion, you need to run another service
(such as Apache httpd or some other web server / load balancer / etc.)
that can make decisions about which instance should be targeted.

I am personally very comfortable with this setup, but some
administrators tend to think that fewer components is universally
superior from a management standpoint. It certainly is less to think
about if you just have a single Tomcat instance. The only question is
whether or not you think the additional work is "hard" or not. I see it
as a relatively simple matter, but then again I don't manage hundreds of

Just my two cents,
- -chris
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