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From Gabe Wong <>
Subject Re: serving files through SSL
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 06:01:13 GMT
Roger Parkinson wrote:
> I'm opening the PDF in a new window (as the javascript shows) so what 
> I see for the dynamic pdf is:
> 1) the new window (empty)
> 2) the download progress dialog
> 3) an error dialog referring the file name with the message 'cannot 
> write the file to the cache'
> On the static PDF I don't see 2 or 3 and the new window has the PDF 
> displayed.
> (I' using the terms dynamic and static as referred to in my initial 
> question, ie static is the PDF in the war file that always works and 
> dynamic is the one fetched from outside the war file by a servlet and 
> this is the one with the problem).
> I did search on that cache message and all the solutions told me to 
> either upgrade my browser from 5.5 (I'm using 6), change the browser 
> config, or set the cache headers that seem to be already set. It was 
> when I realised that the static PDF was always just fine that I 
> concluded that the problem did not need to be solved at the browser end.
1)        response.setContentLength(10115);
Is 10115 a hard coded number or just there as an illustration. If it is 
hard coded then the content length should be set to the
correct value.
 2)       response.addHeader("ETag","W/\"963288-1194247031062");
Perhaps the missing \" at the end could be a problem?


Gabe Wong
NGASI AppServer Manager
Application server installation and configuration AUTOMATION

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