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From Roger Parkinson <>
Subject Re: serving files through SSL
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 23:52:21 GMT
I'm opening the PDF in a new window (as the javascript shows) so what I 
see for the dynamic pdf is:
1) the new window (empty)
2) the download progress dialog
3) an error dialog referring the file name with the message 'cannot 
write the file to the cache'

On the static PDF I don't see 2 or 3 and the new window has the PDF 
(I' using the terms dynamic and static as referred to in my initial 
question, ie static is the PDF in the war file that always works and 
dynamic is the one fetched from outside the war file by a servlet and 
this is the one with the problem).

I did search on that cache message and all the solutions told me to 
either upgrade my browser from 5.5 (I'm using 6), change the browser 
config, or set the cache headers that seem to be already set. It was 
when I realised that the static PDF was always just fine that I 
concluded that the problem did not need to be solved at the browser end.

Thanks for your help

Gabe Wong wrote:
> Roger Parkinson wrote:
>> In both cases the URL is invoke with some javascript that looks like 
>> this:
>> function downloadpdf(url)
>> {
>>    var pdfWindow = url 
>> ,'pdf','top=0,left=0,width=1000,height=700,toolbar=no,status=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,menubar=no');

>> }
>> The application invokes a mix of html and servlet requests beforehand.
>> But the response to the static PDF always works regardless of when it 
>> is called
>> Regards
>> Roger
> For further clarification, what exactly is the result when the dynamic 
> PDF over SSL fails to work? blank page? Error? etc.

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