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From Markus Schönhaber <>
Subject Re: Can I install own JAR-Files of my application outside WEB-INF/lib with Tomcat 6?
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 14:32:25 GMT
Ingolf Knopf wrote:

> Problem: Up to 50% of my war file contains of constant libraries (JDBC, Axis 
> an so on), and theese libraries blow up my application more than 8 MByte. It 
> takes much time to send such applications to our customers - and time is 
> something that none of our customers have in a case of a fault.
> With Tomcat 5.x came a "shared classloader" where I could put my "constant 
> libraries" into. Tomcat 6 has only the "common classloader", and the 
> documentation 
> discourages me to install my own libraries inside the common classloader's 
> path.
> Is there an "official" way to keep constant libraries away from war files?
> ( I myself would prefer a refernce in 'web.xml' or 'context.xml' e.g., even if 
> this is not compatible with other J2EE application servers. )

Haven't tried this myself, but as far as i understand it you can
re-activate the shared classloader by setting the "shared.loader"
property in conf/ accordingly.


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