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From "Rocco Scappatura" <>
Subject Re: Problems with a web application running a PHP script
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 00:37:59 GMT

> As Chuck mentioned , this script class is in 1.6 so you need to either
> change the environment variable or if from service set it to 1.6.
> Then there is just one other thing, in NB right
> click->properties->source...
> Check the source level...
> ie you can be running on 1.6 but still tell NB to make it 1.5... which
> will
> also snooker you ;)

OK, even if NB doesn't show me the choice to use 1.6 script class. I ve
set the 1.5.

Other that this, I would like to know how I could solve my initial problem.

Moreover I have another question. When I create a new project in NB, do I
set the 'Project folder' as the folder where I put webapps (i.e.: suppose
that I put every webapps in "C:\tomcat", then I have to set "Project
Folder" to "C:\tomcat")?.

Infact, otherwise (in particular, I have defined a different engine, host,
connector and so on) I can't start the web application after deployment
with NB.



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