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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 6.0.x Classloader sequence
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 19:06:26 GMT
> From: [] 
> Subject: Tomcat 6.0.x Classloader sequence
> Is it possible for me to configure the webapp class loaders 
> to load classes from a path common to multiple webapps before
> loading from the webapp itself?

I can't find anything in the docs that indicate this is directly
configurable, but it should be possible to extend WebappClassLoader and
add your own path.

Browsing through the Tomcat source does turn up something called
VirtualWebappLoader; the comments therein indicate this is intended to
provide what you want.  However, it also includes this note:

"This is not meant to be used for production. Its [sic] meant to ease
development with IDE's [sic] without the need for fully republishing
jars in WEB-INF/lib"

I couldn't actually get it to work, but it is intriguing...

 - Chuck

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