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From "Rocco Scappatura" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 6 virtual host problem please help
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2007 20:14:37 GMT
> If you were using apache infront of tomcat you can use the proxy to do
> this for you I think
> ProxyPass / ajp13://localhost:8009/app/
> any requests for '/' go to '/app/' on tomcat


I'm experimenting Apache2.2+mod_proxy_* in front of Tomcat5.5.

I have simply put:

ProxyPass /blog/ http://localhost:8081/roller/blog/
ProxyPassReverse /blog/ http://localhost:8081/roller/blog/

And this finally works!!

Great! But a new problem has raised...

When I access to and I click on a link inside
the page, I get error of 'document not found'.

Infact, every link on the page is relative to the web app
(http://localhost:8081/roller/). I can't believe that roller developers
have used absolute path ;-) so I think is a problem bound to reverse proxy
configuration.. What it can be?


>> Not necessarily.
>> > And even the app name can be avoid in a URL Path?
>> Yes, but look below to understand precisily what I really want.
>> I have an application, say 'app'. I access it trhough:
>> I have a valid URL:
>> I would like to know if it possible to create a shortcut to this latest
>> URL like:
>> or

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