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From "John Moore" <>
Subject RE: Best Linux distribution
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 21:49:24 GMT
Sure to be a dicey question to raise in a public forum.  Mostly, I find,
it comes to personal preference of what and how you like to manage your
servers and apps.   We use RHEL for servers running applications covered
by service contracts.   For everything else (web, applications,
development, db, cvs servers) we use CentOS since it's RHEL based and
the environment remains consistent.  This simplifies ongoing
maintenance.   We started back with RH 6 and evolved from there.  We
install bare minimum set of packages, turn off all of the junk you don't
need, then install java, build apache, install tomcat, build modules and
our apps from there.   

We have staff that loves Debian; they say it's the only real
distribution.   We tested our webapps on it and didn't see a difference
in performance.  We even have one guy who insists on building his own
kernels to strip out all of the parts he doesn't need.  I don't get it,
but it floats his boat.

Figure out what features of a distribution are important to you, find
ones that best meet your criteria and see how they work for you;
everything else is meaningless.  If you just want to drop your war into
an environment, maybe one of the appliance distributions fits your


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> From: Stanczak Group [] 
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> Hands down this is the best. :)

Yup, just what everyone needs - another out-of-date, repackaged version
of Tomcat...

 - Chuck

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