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From Ingolf Knopf <>
Subject Can I install own JAR-Files of my application outside WEB-INF/lib with Tomcat 6?
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 13:28:03 GMT
Problem: Up to 50% of my war file contains of constant libraries (JDBC, Axis 
an so on), and theese libraries blow up my application more than 8 MByte. It 
takes much time to send such applications to our customers - and time is 
something that none of our customers have in a case of a fault.

With Tomcat 5.x came a "shared classloader" where I could put my "constant 
libraries" into. Tomcat 6 has only the "common classloader", and the 
discourages me to install my own libraries inside the common classloader's 

Is there an "official" way to keep constant libraries away from war files?
( I myself would prefer a refernce in 'web.xml' or 'context.xml' e.g., even if 
this is not compatible with other J2EE application servers. )


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