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From jnedzel <>
Subject Re: Tomcat becomes non-response for ~30 seconds
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 20:30:21 GMT

Thanks, I'll look at maxing out the logging.

There's only one webapp per Tomcat instance and none of them are heavily
loaded.  In the case of one system, the only webapp does hardly any updating
(only tracks usage) and is basically query-only type of app that currently
has very light usage.

We are will be looking into our system monitoring tools to check if the
machines are getting overloaded (memory, i/o, cpu, etc.), but our suspicion
is that the machines are lightly loaded.

mgainty wrote:
> you'll want to max your logging to understand whats going on
> I concur with using JConsole *and logging*
> JMX is good for point in time System wide configuration snapshots
> If you are doing something like rendering giant PDF's or updating 1000's
> of
> records in a DB then you're exhausting resources
> Try a new TC install and add on one webapp each day..
> this way you can at least determine that the last loaded webapp caused the
> slowdown

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