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From "Rocco Scappatura" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 virtual host problem please help
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2007 23:01:59 GMT
>> Someone know why the pages that I get via reverse proxy are relative to
>> the real web server and not to the proxy server?
>> eg:
>> ProxyPass / http://localhost:8081/app/
>> ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8081/app/
>> when I access ( resolves to proxy
>> server), I get the first page correctly, but every link to a rosouce in
>> it contained is relative to http://localhost:8081/app/.
>> eg:
>> there is a link to css/style.css in the home page of
>> and it is not loaded because i try to get
> Such a proxy configuration may require manipulation of the HTML links.
> Are the links being created dynamically or are they  hard coded with
> css/style.css instead of  /app/css/style.css and so on.

Then, please suggest me a way to set up mod_proxy_* so that I have no to
manipulate the links.



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