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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: [tomcat]How to decrypt the DIGEST authentication?
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 05:59:26 GMT

Now Tomcat is also a cool pojo application server
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From: "zhongliang zhang" <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2007 5:28 AM
Subject: RE: [tomcat]How to decrypt the DIGEST authentication?

> Hi,
> It still does not work.
> Here is the trace:
> I create the SHA1 password from the command prompt:
> C:\tomcat>java org.apache.catalina.realm.RealmBase -a SHA1 
> zhangzhongl:JDBCRealm
> :secret
> zhangzhongl:JDBCRealm:secret:0743d07d727aae8864569cbcefb9ae788150e8b9
> C:\tomcat>java org.apache.catalina.realm.RealmBase -a SHA 
> zhangzhongl:JDBCRealm:
> secret
> zhangzhongl:JDBCRealm:secret:0743d07d727aae8864569cbcefb9ae788150e8b9
> So,I change the password of user "zhangzhongl" to 
> "0743d07d727aae8864569cbcefb9ae788150e8b9",and add the digest attribute to 
> JDBCRealm element which has a value of "SHA".

Hi Zhang,
As Mark pointed out it can be done.

But they want you to make tha HASH like this


AND even though the Realm side is giving you a choice of HASH, I have a 
feeling that TC probably uses MD5 on the Security constraint side
I dont know where
actually lets one choose the HASH so I think its MD5

So I THINK....
will make the right hash... maybe ;)
ie you must make the HASH of all that stuff together, not just the password.
> Start the cat,and enter the http://localhost:8080/,the dialog popup,and I 
> enter zhangzhongl & secret as the username & password,which made me feel 
> upset is I can not enter the welcome page.
> I do not know what is the reason,and I try to get some info from the 
> logs,but no logs can provide some useful information for this.
> If possible,could you do me a favor to send me a simple sample application 
> for test and get this problem solved?
> thank you so much!
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