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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: Can Tomcat be used as a servlet container for non-http servlets?
Date Sat, 17 Nov 2007 11:44:26 GMT

Now Tomcat is also a cool pojo application server
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From: "Sean Nagle" <>

Found a little code for you to study...
These guys are messing around with their own protocols, like finger servers 
And they have a little client code calling it from Applets etc.

Its not all relevant... but have a look at the GenericServlet stuff... and 
the clients that use it.
Your CNC guys has to be able to write the equivalent of those clients in 
whatever language the CNC machine uses... will help them a little.

If that machine offers sockets but its at a low level, quasi assembler, or 
even in C... keep in mind that Java makes this stuff look very very easy... 
ie give him a break... it may not be easy at all from a machine language.
or some kind of wierd PLC ladder logic.

I love this sort of stuff, but in the end the sensible thing may be to just 
put a browser in the factory office.
It gets the CNC files from head office and saves it to the PC... he points 
the CNC machine at those files.
ie stick to standard technology... can also include other stuff on the 
design office site... like "need this by friday" ;) 

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