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From "Mark Deneen" <>
Subject Re: AJP Flush Packet causing text/plain output
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 13:58:59 GMT
I encountered a similar problem, where one servlet had a bug where the
headers would be set _after_ the data had been sent.  The result was
that unrelated responses would come back as text/plain.  Once I found
the offending code and fixed it, the issue has not surfaced again.


On 9/24/07, Larry Reisler <> wrote:
> We recently switched our development JBOSS instance from 4.05GA to 4.21GA, where we are
have been using mod_jk for connecting an Apache front end server (2.2) to the Tomcat AppServer.
We have noticed periodic times when the apache web server will return data with a content-type
of plain/text (the server default) instead of the real content-type, and a chunked encoding
(even if the AppServer was producing a non-chunked content). We tried switch to mod_proxy_ajp,
but got the same result.
> A bit of sleuthing (2 days X 2 engineers) revealed that the AJP connection on Tomcat
is sending a SEND_BODY_CHUNK (which I assume is a flush packet) periodically that seem to
be confusing mod_jk. We can see in the mod_jk and mod_proxy_ajp debug log that the correct
headers are coming from the Tomcat server. However, it seems like mod_jk and mod_proxy_ajp
are losing all the header information regarding the packet (including the Powered by headers,
content-type, content-length, cookies, etc.).
> In normal operation, for a sample small transaction, we would see this sequence in response:
> When the output would come out as text/plain, we would see this sequence:
> Is there something we should have configured differently so that mod_jk or mod_proxy_ajp
will behave better?

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