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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Cleanly shutdown tomcat
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2007 03:27:01 GMT

> I have occasionally seen this problem, but every time I have seen it is
> due to a poorly written JEE application. For example I have seen in
> Tomcat 5.5 if the JEE application creates a thread but due to some
> problem or exception it does not remove the thread, tomcat will not
> shutdown. What makes you think that the problem is with Tomcat and not
> with one of the applications you are running?

That's true - and it's always safest to assume that it's your own code
causing an issue and not the server you're relying on.

> That said, I have had all sorts of similar problems with Redhat and
> Ubuntu pre-packaged installations (ie RPM's and apt-get packages). I
> have since given up on using packages and installing a clean version of
> tomcat/java per server. I have not had any trouble since!

Yes we are using the pure java version (not rpm package) for this reason.

The only reason I thought there may be a problem is that I've searched
for similar symptoms and it seems that other people have experienced a
problem too, but you're correct it's better to check our own app first
to see if it's the cause.


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