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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: Advice about Tomcat on x86_64 architecture..
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 07:43:13 GMT
> From: Swapnil.Kale [] 
> Yes i did install the exe and not the zip file. which was creating a
> problem.
> Now i uninstalled it and using the zip file, <startup.bat> , 
> the tomcat runs smoothly.

That's a fairly common picture.  Windows services are wonderful in
theory, but they do make life awkward sometimes!

> One thing i'm still wondering is the uninstall did not clear 
> the registry
> entries under Wow6432Node where i had entered the JVM param/ 
> options for Xms Xmx.

My guesses: Whoever wrote the uninstaller didn't expect someone to run
the 32-bit service installer code on a 64-bit system, so was clearing
the entries from the 64-bit registry not the 32-bit portion of the

> So 
> 1) if i run the default startup script what is the heap size that is
> allocated on 64 bit jvm/ OS?

No size is specified, so the size will be the default size for the JVM
you're using.  Defaults are documented on Sun's web site for the Sun

> 2) How do I specify those sizes using the script?

Put in a line that sets JAVA_OPTS.  For example (from one of my own
startup scripts):

set JAVA_OPTS=-Xms128m -Xmx512m

		- Peter

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