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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: How to share tomcat sessions across multiple IE windows
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2007 11:22:29 GMT
> From: Adam Lipscombe [] 
> If I pass the 
> session ID from the calling window to the 
> spawned window, what do I do with it? Look up the session 
> cookie with JavaScript? Then what?
> Ideally I want the child window to share the same session.

Thinking about this, there's a built-in alternative.

PROBLEM: Using session cookies to maintain session state is not
guaranteed to work when the user has multiple iexplore.exe processes
open, as a pop-up may be launched in a different iexplore.exe process to
the original window. [Aside: I do this regularly when testing and still
have never seen this behaviour, but...]

SOLUTION: Don't use session cookies to store session information.
Tomcat can read session information from the query string instead,
adding a JSESSIONID= parameter to all URLs.  Set up your context to
disable cookies and use URL rewriting
( has the
details for 5.5.x; do the obvious with the URL for different Tomcat

Can't say I like it, but if you're genuinely getting this problem, this
is probably the least bad solution.  I'm still surprised you're getting
the problem, though.  It's the first time I've encountered it (or even
heard it mentioned) in several years of writing and testing apps with
pop-ups and multiple IE instances.

		- Peter

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