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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: Very Long Full GC after Inactivity
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 14:34:25 GMT
> From: Christopher Schultz [] 
> My experience with JNI is that you have to pin objects one at a time.

To be clear: I wasn't talking about pinning Java objects to particular
addresses in memory, instead pinning the entire process address space
into memory using Win32 API calls.

> I'd imagine that most OSs have functions to /actually/ pin data into
> memory (making is non-pagable).


> In order to do that, you'd have to
> Java-pin the object, then OS-pin the memory.

Why Java-pin anything?  (assuming you use OS-pin the entire Java heap,
which I accept may be a non-trivial exercise)

> I actually favor your "cheap way" since it's super simple and 
> likely to work just as well ;)

Well, me too - it involves the least disruption.  KISS says it's the one
to go for if it can be made to work.

		- Peter

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