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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject [OT] RE: How to share tomcat sessions across multiple IE windows
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 10:33:09 GMT
> From: Adam Lipscombe [] 
> My app spawns another window to display 
> help, via the javascript call.
> The new window does not share the same session as the 
> original, the session ID is always different.
> Occasionally the ID of the new window is that of a session 
> that has expired so the user is 
> redirected to the login page.
> Does anyone know how to make the new window use the same 
> session as the original window?
> Or at least use a brand-new session rather than a recycled old one?

You can't.  This is a client-side problem.  As your first link says:
"Use a key in the querystring, tied to a cookie or a form, if session
state across windows is a necessity."

Alternatively... why does help display require the user to be logged in?
Can you bypass this by putting the help files somewhere that doesn't
require login?  Intuitively, they don't seem like data that requires
authentication to view...

		- Peter

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