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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: Foreign Language on web
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 15:43:24 GMT
> From: Girish Havaldar [] 
> i need text, i need user to enter text in
> French, Japanese, Hindi(Indian Language) etc.,.


> By standardizing to UTF-8 and providing the respective 
> Font, we 'll be able to accomplish the things?

If you're just using HTML and Tomcat, you don't need to provide the
font.  That's up to the user.  A user who works in (say) Japanese will
already have a Japanese font installed on their machine, or they
wouldn't be able to use the machine in their own language.

You should probably make sure your Web pages use CSS with font
definitions that have a large range of the Unicode glyphs defined, but
you probably don't need to download the font.  This is a good thing,
given that (for example) the Arial Unicode MS TrueType font file was 21
megabytes last time I checked.

> you mentioned about Keyboard setting, can you please brief me 
> about keyboard setting little more.

It's not your problem - again, it's the user's.  A user who usually
works in (say) Japanese will already have a Japanese keyboard installed
on their machine, and will know how to use it.  Otherwise, again, they
would not be able to do their normal work.

All of this assumes that your users are normal Internet users from
around the world.  If you're writing software for a different audience,
tell us!

		- Peter

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