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From Stephen Caine <>
Subject Re: How to increase Tomcat webserver speed?
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 18:43:11 GMT

Assuming you are using a web browser to display your data, consider  
the HTML used to construct the page.  Regardless of how fast your  
database is, using TABLEs will always be slower than just using PRE  
or BR tags.  While this may not be very pretty, it does result in  
much faster screen draws.  In some browsers, the table does not start  
drawing until the last record is transferred; while on others rows  
begin to appear as soon as the first record is transferred.

The other suggestions, such as using indexes, will certainly help.

 From our experience, with sufficient memory and CPU processing  
speed, Tomcat is very fast.

Stephen Caine
Soft Breeze Systems, LLC

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