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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Problem with session
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 00:52:04 GMT
> From: Alex79 [] 
> Subject: Problem with session
> I am running a web service on tomcat, which I am not very
> familiar with (tomcat). 

At least tell us the version of Tomcat you're using; also, although
probably not relevant for this problem, include the JRE/JDK level and
the platform you're running on.

> A client application that sends requests to this web service 
> sends the session id with a certain type of request.

Are you referring to a session cookie or the JSESSIONID parameter (as
defined in the servlet spec), or is this a roll-your-own session

> After many requests (over 1000) occurring in the same session
> (in other words, by the same client), the session id no longer
> exists (the web service throws an error when the type of request
> that has the session id parameter gives an unknown session id).

There is a maxKeepAliveRequests attribute for a <Connector> element,
with a default setting of 100.  It's possible that's coming into play,
depending on the client you're using.  Read about here:

> Any idea if tomcat is somehow auto-refreshing my web application
> (or itself) causing my session to be cleared?

Unlikely, but if the webapp is being restarted, it should show up in
Tomcat's logs.  Have you looked at them?

 - Chuck

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