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From Charl Gerber <>
Subject Tomcat/Plesk datasource setup problems
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 09:39:29 GMT

I just moved my hosting from a provider where I had a
private Tomcat server with complete control over it to
a provider that uses Plesk and I share the Tomcat
server with other users. The provider has no Tomcat
knowledge in house and the Tomcat service is rarely
used, so they couldn't help me with this problem.

I want to create a jdbc datasource for my application.
If we manually create it in server.xml, the provider
claims that the changes are overwritten and removed
every time someone uploads a new .war file. (Is this
true?) I also do not want to define the datasource as
eg a global resource, as it would mean the other users
of the tomcat server can get access to my database.

I tried to configure the datasource in the context.xml
of my application and put it in my .war file. This
works fine on my development server, but when uploaded
to the Tomcat server with Plesk, a server.xml entry
for my application is created without the datasource
settings and I cannot access my database.

How and where can I properly define a datasource for
my application so that Plesk will set the Tomcat
configuration correctly?


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