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From loredana loredana <>
Subject jsp modifications not visible after tomcat restart?
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 10:02:16 GMT
I remember something like this happened to me a couple of years back but  don't remember how
I solved it. I run a tomcat 6 and I have a jsp file within an application. I remember that
if I do a modification in a jsp file I don't have to restart tomcat, it's enough to copy the
jsp file in the webapps/appfolder/ and refresh in browser. well that doesn't work for me.
Even worse, I can even restart tomcat and the modifications in the jsp are still not visible.
The only way I can see the modification is if I rename the file. So if have an index.jsp,
I modify something in it...refresh the browser...nothing. I go and rename the index.jsp in
index2.jsp then i will see the modifications. What can cause this behaviour? I thought it's
the browser cache but it's not..cleaned it, even restarted broswer and still nothing. the
only way I can see the modifications is if I rename the file. Anybody had a similar problem?

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